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A Chicacgo Original

Harold’s Chicken Shack (also referred to as The Fried Chicken King,[1] Harold’s Chicken, or simply Harold’s) is a popular fried chicken restaurant based in Chicago, Illinois. The chain operates primarily in Chicago’s predominantly black communities but has additional locations around the U.S.

Rich In History

Harold Pierce, an African-American entrepreneur who moved to Chicago in 1943, founded the restaurant on June 22, 1950, at the corner of 47th Street and Kenwood, near the estate where he worked as a chauffeur. Harold and his wife also operated a soul food restaurant on 39th street called the H&H (Harold&Hilda); their specialties were dumplings and chicken feet.[4] Pierce differed from other fast-food innovators in his development of Harold’s brand.

Taste The Best Chicken...

Not only is Harold Chicken built on a rich legacy, it also provides the best quality chicken wings made fresh with great nutritional benefits. Find us in Schaumburg or Addison and find out why #41 is the place to get your wings and fish meals.

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Our Specialty

Find a nice selection of our top specialties and signature meals


Crisp, tasty chicken by Harold's chicken come in multiple options : wins, legs, thighs, breast, gizzards


our seafood selection includes : Shrimp, Fish, Perch and other sides


Harold's Chicken is the best place to find combo meals that are customized to your specific taste.

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